Do You Think The Surge Is Working?
by James Glaser
October 2, 2008

In the last two months, 47 American troops have been killed in Iraq, and another 433 have been wounded. We have no idea of the total of Iraqi military and Iraqi civilians killed and wounded, but for sure those numbers are much higher.

It was some time in March of 2003 that we bombed the Iraqi civilian electrical power plants along with their sewage treatment plants and their water works. All three of these types of bombings are war crimes. What makes these crimes all the more egregious is the fact that five and a half years later, the Iraqi people are still waiting for the infrastructure they had before we attacked.

When you don't have reliable electricity, you can't have refrigeration, and water does not pump by itself. No water, no indoor plumbing.

So next time you hear somebody from Washington tout how the surge is working, ask yourself if they are being honest with you.

Bailout Bill Now 451 Pages Long — Feel Better Yet?

The Bailout Bill started out about two weeks ago at 3 pages, and now that Congress has gotten hold of it, they have added 448 additional pages of things they want.

In an effort to sell this new bill to their voters, two Senators talking on NPR expressed concern that their constituents can't get a loan for their businesses . Meanwhile on other NPR programs, bankers from all around the country are talking about how their bank is not affected because they didn't do sub-prime loans, and they stayed away from Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae. Yes, this Bailout Bill is a bailout for banks that not only screwed up the system, but also made billions before everything caught up with them.

Remember, any bill that is over 400 pages long can not in any way be called a "clean" bill. We have already strapped our children with mountains of debt, and Congress is ready and willing to add to that amount so they can get elected again. Now they are promising that we can't lose money on this bailout because it says so right in the bill, on one of those 451 pages. Now doesn't that make you feel more secure?

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