Arguments I Have With Myself
by James Glaser
October 6, 2008

When you start getting interested in our country and its future, the study of politics becomes a necessary evil you have to pay attention to. It disappoints me that I have to say that I think of politics and politicians as evil, because both are filled with lies and deceptions.

All you have to do is check out and you will be able to see that politicians from both parties lie, and the political ads coming from both parties try to deceive us about the other party.

So, as the saying goes, we are voting for the "lesser of two evils." We have been doing that in our national elections for quite some time, and that means that we have ended up electing an evil person to run our country for a long time too.

That makes me argue with myself. Is it better this time to elect Barack Obama, a man who like John McCain, can look into the camera and tell a straight faced lie to the American people? If we do that, then most likely the Democrat Party will control both Houses of Congress, and the White House.

Maybe divided government would be better, and if that is true, then a vote for John McCain would be best. Remember Bill Clinton, a Democrat, balanced the budget and started paying down the national debt with the help of a Republican Congress.

Here is what the "experts" tell us. If McCain gets elected, and he passes his plan for our country, our national debt will rise something like 900 billion dollars, but if we elect Obama and his plan, the debt will go up by 3.5 trillion dollars.

We learned from George Bush's first six years that it is very bad to have one party in control of everything. George Bush, with the help of his Republican Congress, expanded government and spent money like no other president in history. Would Obama and the Democratic party be different? Do we want to take that risk?

Then I have to ask myself if it is right for me to vote for anyone that I know is evil? Both major party candidates lie repeatedly, as do the National Parties they represent. If you believe like I do that it is never right to do wrong in order to get a chance to do something right, how can you vote for either John McCain or Barack Obama?

That then brings me to third party candidates. They really have no chance to win as the media already has the fix in for the major parties to win. So, is a third party vote a wasted vote? It is if you are voting to make a certain person president, but what if you have a different motive?

What if you are only trying to get a third party enough votes nationally so that in the next election the people who control presidential debates will have to include a third party candidate? Then you wouldn't be voting for an evil person or an evil party. No, then you would be voting for an expanded choice in our political system, and that sounds a bit noble to me.

Post Script:

This whole argument with myself is predicated on the fact that I believe that both candidates and their parties lie to the American people. You will believe that too, if you check out or try this one,

Check out the "Truth-o-meter" politifact has on the right side of the page, and read about the lies by both candidates. Yes, both vice-presidential candidates lie, too.

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