It Looks Like Nobody Found The High Road This Year
by James Glaser
October 7, 2008

At the end of every presidential television commercial the candidate who paid for it has to say his name and tell us that he approved of what was just said. After watching what was approved by both candidates these last few weeks, we know both have become pretty slimy.

Remember, each of these candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, have told us that they personally approved the ads we see. It wasn't that long ago that each of these two men were telling us that this year, their campaigns would be different. Well, they aren't.

Each man believes if they don't respond in-kind to an ad they think is dirty, the American people will think they are weak, or worse yet, that the dirty ad is true. So, they hit back with dirt, too. What does that tell us about those running for office? What does it tell us about the American people?

There have been some high points in the campaign. John McCain put out a nice ad congratulating Obama on the night he accepted the Democratic nomination, and they both said a few nice words about each other during the first debate, but other than that it has been mostly mud slinging.

The world has gotten a lot smaller, and now people on the other side of the globe can see how American Democracy really works. You think the conduct of our candidates makes others want to emulate us? Do our election campaigns help the spread of democracy? I don't think so. Frankly, both candidates are a bit of an embarrassment.

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