Ron Paul Revolution
Ron Paul's Revolution Has Just Begun
by James Glaser
October 9, 2008

Last night I went to my first Ron Paul Meet-Up Group here in Tallahassee, Florida. I didn't know what to expect, except for the fact that everyone there would be interested in the teachings of Ron Paul. Most people think of Ron Paul as a doctor, a Representative from Texas, or a presidential candidate of which he has been all three. However, he may very well go down in history as the man who in the early 21st century reintroduced the Constitution of the United States to the American people.

There were fourteen people at the meeting, and I was happy to see young married couples along with a few in my age bracket. Everyone there eventually had something to say and you could tell everyone had been doing their homework. The Tallahassee Meet-up Group boasts 65 members, and for a movement whose candidate dropped out of the race months ago, keeping that many people involved says a lot.

The topics of the night ranged from the Wall Street Bail-out to the Federal Reserve Banking system. Allen Boyd, our local Representative in Washington, and his vote in favor of the bail-out was the first topic of discussion. It was decided that with less than thirty days till the election the best people could do would be to inform the electorate as much as possible of how he voted, and because of the numbers of voters against it, that might make a difference. Mark Mulligan, the Republican candidate up against Boyd, the long time Democrat incumbent was discussed at length, and the consensus was that nobody knew enough about Mr. Mulligan to be able to recommend we vote for him.

The group talked about a rally against or a protest against the Federal Reserve Banking system (The Fed). This would be sometime after the election at the Jacksonville branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. There was discussion on the fact that not only did most Americans have little understanding of the Fed, but that most of us needed education on the topic.

After that we talked about third party candidates for President, and heard from a man running for State Representative here in Tallahassee.

Most of the education, and back and forth talk on politics among the 65 Meet-Up members happens on the internet, and anything new out by Dr. Paul is sent around along with postings about things of interest. I doubt that when Ron Paul started out campaigning he had any idea of the impact his Constitutional message would have on so many people, young and old. I also believe that for the first time in many election cycles, large groups of people are sitting around in homes, libraries, and even out in parks discussing our American Constitution.

Ron Paul didn't get his Party's nomination, but he has changed the political landscape in America. There is now a core group of people willing and able to carry on his message of freedom. With his message, Dr. Paul has planted a seed for political revolution in America, and the people who attend these Meet-Up groups are the people who will nurture that planting.

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