Are We Looking At A Role Reversal?
by James Glaser
October 14, 2008

John McCain is a open book when it comes to how he feels about war. McCain seems to like war. He actually believes that Iraq and Afghanistan are both winnable wars. He just can't explain what we would win.

Barack Obama on the other hand started out this campaign as the antiwar candidate. For months Obama talked about bringing home the troops, but now he is talking about a "troop surge" in Afghanistan. He refuses to say if he thinks the surge in Iraq worked or not, but he feels a surge will work in Afghanistan.

I really believe that John McCain wants to win a war. It doesn't matter where or with whom, the man just wants to win. He still thinks we could have won in Vietnam, but again he can't tell us what we would have won.

Our "antiwar" candidate must know something we don't, because yesterday Senator Obama was supporting a new twist in the Selective Service law. Obama now wants a requirement that women must register with the Selective Service, but Senator McCain is against that.

Both men claim that they are against starting up the Military Draft again, but neither senator is willing to shut down the local Selective Service Boards across the country.

To top things off, Antiwar Candidate Obama now wants women to have combat positions in our Armed Forces.

Somehow, it seems to me if you truly were against war, as Senator Obama would have us believe, and you were planning to bring home the troops, like he has campaigned, opening up the Selective Service system to women and giving them combat roles would be the reverse of what he has been saying on the campaign trail for the last 20 months.

John McCain has been way more honest on this topic. McCain is ready and willing to lead the troops against Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, or even the Soviet Union, which by the way no longer exists. McCain is honest, but I still find him to be a loose cannon and a bit crazy.

With Obama, I now have no clue. Maybe the thought of being Commander-in-Chief has started to get his blood lust up.

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