Well, We Know My Candidate Is Going To Lose
by James Glaser
October 15, 2008

It doesn't really matter which third party candidate I vote for, as none of them, in our election system even has a chance to win. Do you remember when they let Ross Perot debate the major candidates? Well, Perot had such an impact, the two major parties took the presidential debates away from the League of Women voters so nothing like that would ever happen again. But it could.

If, lets say the Constitution Party or the Green Party, polled 10% on election day, next election that party would have a very good argument that their candidate should be allowed in the debate. I bet the American people would back that up, too.

It looks like Obama has this election in the bag. About the only thing John McCain has going for him is the chance that there are enough racist Democrats, who just can't vote for a black man. You know every Republican strategist is thinking that if 3% of the Democrats and Independents are voting on race, that means a six point change in the vote, and McCain will pick up a few more states.

What if that number is really 6% who can't vote for a black man. Then McCain will pick up 12% and could be in the running. Heck if that number is really 10%, well then the Republicans have themselves a landslide!

So, if you are a Republican and are pinning your hopes on racism, or if you are a Democrat and are scared as hell that racism is going to defeat your choice, then you better keep your vote for your candidate.

However if you are looking at the polls and think McCain is tanking or that it is Obama walking away with it, then you can think about casting your vote for the third party candidate of your choice.

You might just open up our election process and make it better. Let's be honest here, and admit that this year's debates were softball games for the candidates, and they did almost nothing to inform the American people about what either candidate was bringing to the table. With a third party candidate on the platform, there would be all sorts of subjects brought up. Like if we want the government to search our homes without a warrant or how about a few questions concerning the 700 foreign military installations we are paying for around the globe. We might even hear our candidates talking about the national debt and what they are going to do about it.

So, the choice is yours. Vote for Obama or McCain and keep America on the same path we have been on for the last fifty years, or vote third party and have the chance of opening up new dialog in American political thought.

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