Man, Are They In For A Rude Awakening!
by James Glaser
October 20, 2008

I learned something this past weekend. Republicans know their politicians lie, but Democrats are stunned, when told that their man lies, too.

We had a promotion at Railroad Square this weekend with bands, craft demonstrations, square dancing, and high school marching drum corps. Right out side my shop, the cars told the tone of this election. There was a older Toyota Corolla with a Obama bumper sticker next to a new Mercedes with a McCain/Palin sticker.

All day Obama backers were coming in my gallery asking who I was going to vote for. I usually tried waiting until after they bought something to point out my "Vote 3rd Party" sign in red, white, and blue. After all, I am a shopkeeper.

It surprised me that so many people didn't know that there are other people running for president, or the fact that the Democrats and Republicans are not the only political parties in America. Sad to say, most of these people were either college students or college professors.

When pushed, I would have to tell these people, who were sincerely trying to change my vote to Obama, that I couldn't vote for a liar. Then I would quickly tell them that the only politician that lies more than Barack Obama is John McCain.

That would throw them off step, because here I was saying that McCain was worse than Obama, but still I wasn't voting for Obama. I really believe that these Obama people could not believe that anyone would ever think that Barack Obama would ever or had ever told a lie. I felt kind of bad bursting their bubble, but I would direct them to where they could see the lies by both major party candidates, and if they wanted to, could look back for the last five years and see how just about every major political figure in America has lied and most lied repeatedly to all of us

That is what happens every time a new batch of young voters get interested in politics. They pick one side or the other, and think the candidate they are backing is the honest one, who is only trying to make America a better place for all of us. It doesn't matter if the young voter picks the Democrats or the Republicans, they all start out thinking the same thing.

After a while, as the lies and deceptions start showing up, many quit the party of their choice, but other stay with the thought that you have to lie to the American people for their own good. Those are the people who become the "Party Hacks" that will back anyone who their party of choice endorses. No longer are they voting on the character and experience of the candidate, it is then all Party affiliation.

I have heard labor leaders in Northern Minnesota say, "I'd vote for the Devil himself if the Democratic Party endorses him." I am sure there are life-long Republicans who feel the same way. Let's face it, if your parents, church leader, and community vote every time for one party over the other during all of your formative years, the chances are very good that you will back that party, too. After all, you have had a life-time of stories about how bad the other party is.

This 2008 presidential election will be decided on ignorance about the honesty of those running and racism. Here is a fine example. A staunch Obama backer got someone to come over and try giving me a pitch about why I should vote for Senator Obama. Right off he asked who I was voting for, and showing no doubt I said, Cynthia McKiney. McKiney is an African American, and the endorsed candidate for the Green Party. This Obama backer is an African American too, and when I said that, he had no comeback other than "Oh."

That was it, discussion over. I was voting for an African American, and that was all that mattered to him. If that man were voting for Obama because he is the right man for the office, then this man should have challenged my choice wouldn't you think?

That is some sort of racism, but being that this kind of racism has probably never come up before, they don't have a special name for it yet.

However, if Barack Obama wins the election with 95+ percent of the black vote, we can all honestly claim that 2008 was a racist election. If John McCain wins with many white Democrats and Independents not able to vote for a black man, we will also be able to claim a racist election.

I guess, either way, 2008 is going to be a racist election. My only solace in the this whole matter is that if the people I talked to really do check out they will know they are voting for a liar, be it McCain or Obama. Those who never got the word, are in for a rude awakening no matter who wins.

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