Tick, Tick, Tick..........
by James Glaser
November 4, 2008

Well, other than the weeping, wailing and a gnashing of teeth for one side or the other, the election will be over in a few hours. I imagine that 24 hours after that, the 2012 election campaign will be starting up. After all, the American media and Barack Obama have turned elections into a cash cow for television.

Yesterday morning I couldn't even watch the morning news for all the Obama TV ads. The stations are trying to get every one on they can before the election is over, and the campaign money stops flowing.

Saturday, I thought about early voting, and as we headed out of town I was going to stop at the Tallahassee library on Thomasville Road, but when we got close, we could see the line going across the parking lot and down the driveway to the street. On top of that, it looked like a mad house of sign wavers at the 100 foot line from the polls.

So, I plan on getting up early and getting my vote in. I hear that Krispy Kreme is giving out a free donut if you have an "I Voted" sticker on. Just what I need, an early morning heavy duty sugar rush.

Here is what my e-mails are telling me. If McCain wins, we are going to have four more years like the last eight. If Obama wins, we are going to have socialism in America, our guns will be taken away, Muslims will be praying in the White House, John Kerry will be Secretary of State, all coal-related jobs in America will end, Barack Obama will install ashtrays throughout the White House, and the smoking lamp will be lit.

Either way, it looks bad for democracy and freedom in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave for the next four years.

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