Biting Off More Than They Can Chew?
by James Glaser
November 10, 2008

Washington might just get a little crazy early next year. With the new administration coming in, we really don't have to worry that George Bush is going to get any lame proposal through the Congress and into law, but we do have to worry that President Bush will screw up something new in his last few weeks. After all, George Bush has a history of screw-ups, and that makes us think he might.

What we really have to worry about now is Barack Obama. What will he do first? He claimed he would push a pro-abortion agenda first thing, but now he is talking about taking on every major problem America has, right off the bat,

The New York Times reports it this way:

Mr. Obama repeated on Saturday that his first priority would be an economic recovery program to get the nation's business system back on track and people back to work. But advisers said the question was whether they could tackle health care, climate change, and energy independence at once or needed to stagger these initiatives over time.

If Obama decides to take on everything at one time, we know he has the votes to pass almost anything, but just what will be passed? Will everything be push through like the 700 billion dollar bailout for Wall Street? We now know that was a mistake, and the money is being spent on things that were never thought of when the bill came up for a vote.

I hope the American people have learned their lesson, and will rise up in protest if Washington (The Democratic Party) decides to do everything in a rush, without taking the time to debate the pros and cons of any plan. Health care is huge, and right now, you know the corporations in that field have been getting ready to push their ideas to the front. As we know with Bush's prescription drug reform, once passed, it is hard to change any bill. Health care, climate change, energy independence, and the economic recovery are all jobs we as a nation have to take on, but we also have to remember how corrupt Washington has become.

All of these plans will include lots of money, borrowed money, that we really can't afford to waste on quick fixes. It is hard to for me to believe that this new Obama administration is debating if the they should take everything on at once or if they should "stagger these initiatives over time."

One nice thing about these first few months. We will know by his actions if Obama is going to be what his voters thought he would be, a thoughtful deliberate president, or we might find that Barack Obama will become another George Bush, passing whatever the corporations tell him to.

Remember this campaign promise by Barack Obama? It was given over, and over, and over again. Barack Obama told us many, many times that he would get the troops out of Iraq in 16 month after taking the oath of office. Let's hold him to that!

Post Script:

My sister called last night and asked me what I thought of the out come of the election. She knew I was voting third party, and so I no matter what, my person wasn't going to win. I said I sincerely hope and pray that Barack Obama will turn out to be a great president, and I really do hope he will.

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