What Weapons Are Best For Home Defense
by James Glaser
November 19, 2008

I don't know why, other than the fact I was in the Marine Corps, but a lot of people ask me what I think would be the best weapon to protect their home. I guess a lot of people are starting to think that things are going to get weird here in America. Either that, or they are just being prudent and are thinking of buying a weapon before Barack Obama decides we shouldn't have that right.

I was going to blow this column off, but tonight I read about a home invasion in Texas where one person was killed. I then Googled, "Home invasions in the news," and on the first two pages there were stories of forced home invasions in Connecticut, Houston, Ann Arbor, Chicago, Frankfort, Toledo, Baltimore, central Florida, Springfield Township, Ohio, North Philadelphia, Phoenix, Knoxville, Mesa, and Sacramento. The list goes on and on. No, I'm not kidding, it really does.

So, maybe it is time that Americans started thinking how best to protect their home and their loved ones. Whenever anyone ever asks me the question, "What is the best defensive weapon," right away with no hesitation I say, "A double barreled 12 gauge shotgun with double-ought buck. But any shell will do."

I always say a double barreled shotgun because it is a point and fire weapon. You don't have to aim, you just point at the person you want to hit, pull the trigger, and pray you can live with the consequences. Really, you do have to aim and try to line up the rear and front sight, but with a shotgun, if you are not using a slug, you have multiple pellets heading toward your target, and your chances of missing at close range (in your house) are slim.

Many people will say you have only two shots with a double barrel, but we are not talking about a long drawn-out gun battle here. We are talking about stopping somebody who has invaded your home to rob or kill you and your family. You have only a couple of seconds to decide what you are going to do, and if you have children in the home, you are going to have to load your weapon. That double barrel takes only a second to load, and you don't have to think about jacking a lever or pumping a shell into the chamber. You load, and you are ready to go. Yes, there is a safety to think about, but that becomes second nature with a little practice.

Do I think you should go out and buy a gun today? Well, that is up to you, but to be prudent, you and whomever lives with you should have some sort of a plan for any emergency. Personally, I wish every home in America had a few guns and that every adult had gun safety lessons. I would feel safer, and people would think twice before they crashed into somebody's front door.

You might think that home invasions happen only to other people. I bet that is the same thing the people who had their homes invaded thought.

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