Are We Getting Bush's Third Term?
by James Glaser
November 24, 2008

When George Bush became president, he tried hard to give us the illusion of robust financial times by spending every penny Bill Clinton left for him. When that money ran out, he started cutting taxes on the rich, and began using America's credit card. With trillions of dollars of credit, George Bush was able to keep people working for a little bit over seven years, but then our ability to borrow ran out. Now we are in terrible straights, and what do you think the next President is going to do to get us back on track? Well, this is how the New York Times thinks Barack Obama will handle things.

November 24, 2008
Obama Aides Signal a Boost in Stimulus Spending
WASHINGTON — President-elect Barack Obama has signaled that he will pursue a far more ambitious plan of spending and tax cuts than anything he outlined on the campaign trail — a plan "big enough to deal with the huge problem we face," a top adviser said Sunday — setting the tone for a recovery effort that could absorb and define much of his term.

A member of the Obama economic advisory team, William M. Daley, acknowledged that because of the gravity of the situation, Mr. Obama was leaning toward letting a Bush tax cut for the wealthy expire on schedule in 2011 rather than repealing it sooner.

So, like George Bush, Barack Obama is going to give us the illusion that he knows what to do. And like Bush, Obama is going to continue to cut taxes on the rich, and spend money we don't have to keep people employed.

It is a valid question to ask. Are we getting a third Bush term? For sure, President Barack Obama is not going to bring any change to Washington or to America.

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