Show Me The Money
by James Glaser
December 3, 2008

Obama Promises Quick Relief for Governors

The above headline comes from a story in Tuesday's edition of the New York Times. Ever since Barack Obama won the election he has been talking about how he is going to get us out of the economic mess we are in. Don't get me wrong, that has to be job #1 for President Obama, but I have to ask, where is he going to get all the money he is talking about spending?

The reports out now describe how President Bush, and his economic team have spent something like 7.4 trillion dollars in just the last few months trying to get the economy going. That is $7.4 trillion we don't have now. With a continued down-turn, tax receipts will be down even farther next year. So we know we can't look for money there.

Aides to Mr. Obama have suggested that a recovery plan, which the president-elect hopes to be able to sign not long after taking office on Jan. 20, might carry a price tag of as much as $700 billion.

I guess compared to $7 trillion, $700 billion is chump change to politicians in Washington these days, but you know that will be just the start of President Obama's spending spree.

Remember universal health care? How about the new troop surge in Afghanistan that Obama keeps talking about?

"To solve this crisis and to ease the burden on our states, we need action, and action swiftly," he said. "That means passing an economic recovery plan to help both Wall Street and Main Street, and this administration does not intend to delay in getting you the help that you need."

Does this mean that President Obama wants to do a new bail out for Wall Street? Bush just pumped trillions into the financial sector and Wall Street this fall, and already Obama is talking about dumping in more. Does any of this make sense?

Just a week or so ago, President-elect Obama was talking about building solar and wind power electric generating plants, a job program to rebuild our roads and bridges, and just yesterday he said we have to continue to maintain the most powerful military on the globe.

All this talk is just great, and I hope somehow everything our new president wants to do works out and helps America. I just want to know where we are going to get the money needed for these projects. Show Me The Money Barack!

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