You Know, We Are Never Going To Know
by James Glaser
December 17, 2008

Yesterday, it was reported on that 24 Iraqis were killed and 36 were wounded in the continuing violence going on in that country. Those numbers are not large for Iraq. It is like that every day, and other than days that the death toll spikes above one hundred or higher, 24 dead and 36 wounded is a pretty typical day.

Our war over there has been going on for almost six years now, and when you add the carnage up, the numbers are incredible. Many people and groups have tried to figure out just how many innocent people have been killed in this war, but you have to remember the Pentagon said, "We don't do body counts." Yes, they actually said that.

Some groups put the death toll at close to a million, and I don't think anyone can really say that number is totally wrong, because we just don't know. However, it is safe to say that tens of thousands of mothers, and tens of thousands of little children, and tens of thousands of teenagers, and tens of thousands of elderly, and tens of thousands of the infirmed have been killed. On top of that, tens of thousands in every category have been wounded, too.

The really sad part of this death toll is the fact that there never were any weapons of mass destruction, and America never had to live in fear of an Iraqi attack on this country. The whole war was, from the worst view, a lie; and from the best view, for naught.

Post Script:

Something we do know about this war: 4,209 American troops have been killed, and over 30,000 have been wounded. You see, we do body counts for our own.

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