With America's Blessing, Israel Can Kill Whoever It Wants
by James Glaser
December 28, 2008

Our country (The United States) has given every country in the world the excuse it needs to attack whomever it wants to. Remember we told the world we had the right to attack Iraq because we thought Iraq might some day attack us.

We told the world that, but the fact was, Iraq had no navy or air force with which it could reach our country. After we did attack, we found they didn't even have any weapons with which they could really attack us if they had the means.

Now, half the world is upset because Israel is attacking the Palestinians in Gaza. This should be no surprise. After all, America has been arming Israel for decades, and by example we have told them that civilian deaths mean nothing. Israel, like the United States can ignore, and refuse to count all the women and children they kill in this new war.

Of course Israel will use the excuse that Palestine puts its weapons in the middle of where civilians live. The truth however is that Israel and America have refused to allow Palestine to have military bases or even an army with which it could defend itself with.

Israel gets to bomb where ever it wants—much as we have been able to do in Iraq and Afghanistan. Civilian power plants? We bomb them. Civilian water treatment plants? We bomb them, too.

Whoever has the biggest "stick" gets to decide where to use it. Israel has the only stick on their playground, and with the United States standing just outside the fence ready to hand out more sticks, Israel can kill with impunity.

Our Media, and Why Israel Looks Like the Good Guy

Some will say that I am anti-Semitic when I say that the American media is controlled by the Jewish faith, but facts are facts. You won't be able to read any reports from major media outlets about Jews and Zionists controlling our media, because they control our media.

If you Google "Zionists in American Media," you will see many Jewish hating sites mixed in with sites that are legitimately trying to expose the truth about who controls our media here in America. You can try "Who Rules America" researched by Vanguard Books.

After you read that report, you can better understand why we always hear only the Israeli side of any violence going on between Israel and Palestine. According to our American media, Israel is the good guy, and Palestine is the bad guy. It doesn't matter if they are talking about war, terrorism, or the taking of land. Israel is always portrayed as right, and Palestine is always portrayed as wrong.

Our media and their control is the major reason that America's political system falls all over itself to be on the side of Israel. In our media, politicians who favor Israel get good press, those who don't, get no press, or if any, then bad press. Our media is also the major reason that we give billions of dollars in military aid to Israel each and every year. Most likely the bombs and rockets Israel is using in the attack on Gaza, come from us or were built with American taxpayer funds.

Sorry if you disagree with me on that, and I understand your position. Our media, and in many cases, our churches, have been indoctrinating you your whole life about Israel, and it is hard to believe anything different.

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