Tell Me, Does The Media Love Obama or What?
by James Glaser
January 19, 2009

Now to be honest, I must admit that I didn't vote for Barack Obama, but on the other hand, I didn't vote for John McCain either. I voted Third Party.

For years the Republicans have been claiming that our media is liberal and that it backs the Democrats. Well, the last few weeks have proven that allegation.

Time Magazine had Obama on the cover this week. That was, I believe, the nineteenth time in the past year. I was talking to my son about Obama's media coverage, and he said, "Wow, was it ever a love fest on National Public Radio the past few days." Now he voted for Obama, and he can see it.

Now you may call me racist, but where the heck did the national television media find all the black commentators they have on now? It seems to me that the only black commentators on television last year were Cynthia Tucker, from Atlanta and Gwen Ifill, who first was on the McNeil/Lear News Hour. There was also Juan Williams on Fox News. Fox News, now does that prove my point?

Today, there isn't a round table discussion on any channel without at least one black journalists, and some times several. Now there is nothing wrong with this, but about the only reason it is happening, is Barack Obama.

Sunday, I thought the news people would start high-fiving each other when they were talking about Tuesday's inauguration. You can tell by the tone of reporters voices that they are genuinely happy Obama in being sworn in.

Now, I hope and pray that Barack Obama becomes the greatest President our nation has ever had, but already I am sick of the media falling all over themselves trying to say great things about our President-elect. I want the man to do great things before we start giving him credit.

The media is supposed to be neutral. The way things are going, we will never get an honest assessment of any program Barack Obama's administration puts forth. It is almost like we have lost our watch dog in Washington. The media used to work for us, but I don't think that is true any more.

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