Something We Should Remember
by James Glaser
January 24, 2009

Everyone, Democrat, Republican, and Independent knows we have to do something about our economy. However, there is one thing nobody is talking about. That is the fact that we are broke.

It doesn't matter what type of stimulus package Barack Obama and the Congress come up with, every penny they spend on it will be borrowed from our children and grandchildren.

I don't know about you, but somehow, to me, it is wrong for a parent to be taking money from their kids, and worse yet to take it from their grandkids, but that is exactly what we are doing. It is also what we have been doing for a long time already. That can be seen in our national debt. You see, we have already spent all of our money.

So, we can look at this another way. In truth, we are stealing our children's and grandchildren's money. We are stealing it, because we are taking it without even asking if we can. The money we are about to spend, really is not ours.

I don't feel good about this. Do you?

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