Okay, I'm Taking Obama At His Word
by James Glaser
January 27, 2009

President Barack Hussein Obama has told me that things are going to get worse before they get better, and that I can expect trillion dollar deficits for years to come. I believe the man, so I am going to curb my spending and hunker down for a while.

I am not just fooling around here, I am planning to save some serious money. Tonight, I went out and bought some jelly. You might ask why, and I will tell you. The last time I packed a lunch for work was up in International Falls, Minnesota, where I was working heavy construction at Boise Cascade. I remember peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were cheap, easy to make, and would give me plenty of energy. I had the bread and peanut butter, but lacked the jelly. I opted for red raspberry.

No more going to "Fat Sandwich" or "Food Glorious Food" for lunch. Now I'm going to fill the thermos with coffee, have my sandwiches, and sweep off a place on the work bench to eat. I am not only going to save money with the food I eat, but also the gas it took to drive to lunch, and then there is the time I'll save too.

If more people believe in what Obama is saying, there are going to be a lot of people packing their lunches, at least the people who still have a job.

I don't really understand how bad our economy has become, but when the President of the United States starts telling me that times are going to be tough, I believe him. I remember George Bush telling us to all go out and shop after 9/11, and now I think that was the exact wrong thing for us to do.

Have you ever gone into a "Dollar Store"? Almost everything in one of those stores is a dollar, and almost everything is junk. Go into a Walgreens or a CVS pharmacy, and other that the health items, the other stuff for sale is just that... stuff. Hey, Wal-Mart. You want to talk about stuff. That place has thousands of square feet of just that... stuff. It might be cheap, but it is mostly cheap stuff.

I'll admit it. I have way too much stuff, and if I add up the cost of all the stuff I have, it makes me feel pretty foolish.

So, I am starting with bag lunches, and hope I can transfer that idea of saving money to other things. Maybe that will hurt the country in the short run if people start cutting back, but we have so much junk in this country that maybe we should hurt ourselves for a while.

America could, no, America should, get back to quality instead of quantity.

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