Wagyu Steaks?
by James Glaser
January 30, 2009

Sorry, but I didn't even know what a Wagyu Steak was. It is the steak that Barack Obama was serving at the White House last night for a dinner party for about two dozen Congressmen and Senators, their wives or husbands, plus people from the Obama administration.

Hartley Engel, writing for AC Associated explains this cut of meat:

What is Wagyu Steak?
Wagyu is a breed of cattle that is raised in Japan. The beef that derives from Wagyu cattle is called Kobe beef, and it is considered a delicacy in Japan. What distinguishes Kobe beef from other cuts of beef is the fact that it is extremely well marbled. Kobe beef is also healthier than other cuts of beef because it contains a higher percentage of unsaturated fat. Reportedly, Kobe beef from Japan can cost as much as $300 a pound — a staggering amount by any stretch of the imagination. In order to be designated Kobe beef, the Wagyu has to come from Kobe, Japan. Moreover, to pass muster, the beef must meet extremely stringent production standards. The reason that Kobe beef is so laden with white marbling is that, for hundreds of years, Japanese ranchers have been breeding cattle specifically for this purpose.

Yesterday, President Obama got all indignant about Wall Street paying out billions of dollars in bonuses, saying with the financial crises we are in, spending money like that was wrong.

Working Americans can't even find meat like what they served at the White House last night in the stores they shop in. If I am going to buy a good steak it will be from a Win-Dixie or Publix super market. I look at something that is over ten dollars a pound, and I have to think real hard about buying it. President Obama must think nothing is too much for the "Servants of the People" he is entertaining. Especially when it is on the People's tab.

Like those on Wall Street that we have been pouring billions of tax dollars on, President Barack Hussein Obama is a multi-millionaire. Don't kid yourself that he is one of us. Our President and our elected officials in Washington are not like working stiffs in America. They don't have the same concept of money that we do, and for sure they don't understand where we are at.

So what if a dinner party at the White House costs five or even ten grand. Heck that is chump change for those people. Remember, Obama spent hundreds of millions of dollars last year in his campaign, and almost every elected official spends more that a million or two on their elections. So depending on the wine served, maybe $10,000 is too conservative for the cost of last night's dinner.

It really doesn't matter. What we should come away with when we learn things like this, is that there are "haves" and "have-nots" in this country. We are the have-nots, and our elected officials in Washington are some of the haves. They don't know or care about us, and their spending in this financial crises, is no different than the Wall Street spending that President Obama was so upset about yesterday.

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