Let's Let Obama Take the Lead
by James Glaser
February 2, 2009

To start off, I will repeat: I didn't vote for Barack Hussein Obama. That said, I want President Obama to become the best President we have ever had.

The House of Representatives passed a stimulus bill last week. Let me modify that statement. The House Democrats passed a spending bill last week that is supposed to stimulate our economy. This week even the Democrats are saying that they will look at anything the Senate Republicans have to add to this bill. I guess the Democrats have taken a good look at this House Bill and have seen a few flaws.

I think we should scrap the whole bill and give President Obama a shot at a stimulus proposal he thinks is best. Let's face it, the Congressional Republicans and the Congressional Democrats are the very people who got us into this mess. The American people give Congress about a 9% approval rating, mostly because of the last eight years.

You have to remember the Democrats have controlled Congress for the last two years, and they did nothing but spend, spend, spend. They spent so much, you would think they were Republicans.

So, instead of hundreds of political hacks adding together their favorite spending in one big bill, let's allow President Obama to take a shot at doing something. One idea, kind of like a mini-dictatorship on the recovery plan. Believe me, it won't take long to figure out if his ideas work, and I would bet in the long run it will be a lot cheaper than what Congress comes up with.

It seems to me that every time Congress does something, they do it in such a way that nobody has to take the blame if the plan doesn't work. The Democrats point at the Republicans, and the Republicans point right back at the Democrats. Nobody takes ownership for failed ideas.

So, the American people voted for Barack Obama to take the lead, and I would like to see what he can do with it. We don't need any more of the mish-mash Congress has been coming up with.

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