I Don't Know If We Can Trust Obama With Hiring Staff
by James Glaser
February 3, 2009

First, it was a guy from the Federal Reserve, Tim Geithner, who Barack picked for Secretary of Treasury. Not only does he not understand how our tax code works, he was also a big part of the problem we have had with bailouts.

Here is how Jonathan Hoeing, of Smart Money.com tells it:

In an age of bailouts, Geithner is the original Bailout Czar. It was Geithner, after all, who was the instrumental figure in arranging JP Morgan's (JPM) takeover of Bear Stearns, a deal in which $29 billion of taxpayer money was pledged as a backstop against illiquid and toxic assets.

It wasn't Hank Paulson, but rather Tim Geithner who put together the plan to have the government rescue AIG, to the tune of $85 billion and growing.

It has been widely noted Geithner was in favor of stepping in with taxpayer dollars to save Lehman Brothers. I guess it's pretty easy to spend taxpayer dollars when you aren't even paying your own taxes.

Geithner seems like just the wrong person to get our financial house back in order, but President Obama says that he is the perfect choice, and heck even the new head of the IRS can get a pass on taxes one time.

Now we have Tom Daschle. He is President Obama's choice for Secretary of Health. Daschle, like Tim Geithner, can't figure out how to pay taxes. Now both of these guys were trying to get away without paying over $100,000. To Washington and New York fat cats, that is peanuts, but to us it would be a felony.

Also like Geithner, Daschle's tax problems are not the major reason he should not be in our government. Remember, Dasahle will be in charge of the nation's health care industry. Here is how Kevin Freking, of MyWay explains it:

On another matter, a financial disclosure form Daschle filed about a week ago showed that he made more than $200,000 in the past two years speaking to members of the health care industry that Obama wants him to reform.

The speaking fees were just a portion of the more than $5.2 million the former senator earned over the past two years as he advised health insurers and hospitals and worked in other industries such as energy and telecommunications, according to a financial statement filed with the Office of Government Ethics.

Among the health care interest groups paying Daschle for speeches were America's Health Insurance Plans, $40,000 for two speeches; CSL Behring, $30,000; the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, $16,000, and the Principal Life Insurance Co., $15,000.

So, here we have another insider watching over the very industry that made him a multi-millionaire. Nice choice Barack!

Both of these men have shown us that they are willing to break the law to get ahead. Both of these guys paid up their back taxes, after they got Barack Obama's nomination for a federal position.

I want honest people working for us. I want people who don't have an obvious conflict of interest. There are over 300 million American citizens in this country, and these two tax dodgers are the best President Obama could find? The President needs a new search committee.

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