Would Someone Please Wake Barack Obama Up
by James Glaser
February 5, 2009

Yesterday, President Barack Obama told the American people that he would "demand" that the top people in the banks we are bailing out get only $500,000.00 a year in salary.

I think it is time that somebody hips the President to the fact that it would take most American workers well over a decade to make that much money. For many workers it would take over twenty years. The people that are the CEOs of these banks ran them into the ground, and those banks would have failed if the American tax payer didn't step in to save them.

What we are doing is giving these CEOs another chance. With out our help, they would have been known as the guy who ruined their company, and most likely all of his or her stock would be worth zero.

So, it would behoove the President to wake up to the fact that tens of millions of American working men and women look at $10,000.00 a week as an pretty incredible income. For the President to act like he is being tough on Wall street by "demanding" that kind of a pay scale, only shows us how out of touch he is with what the average American worker takes home in pay.

Barack Obama, like so many politicians in Washington is a millionaire. That is why he is bailing out the rich from his income level, instead of helping out the millions of Americans who have lost their job or are losing their home. People say Obama is a great politician, and I guess he is. He sure fooled a the majority of American voters into believing that he was one of them.

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