Why Are We Trusting Congress?
by James Glaser
February 9, 2009

If you really think about it, Congress got us into the financial mess. The National debt is, as of early this morning, set at $10,728,653,774,151.71. Remember President Barack Obama just told us about trillion dollar deficits for years to come. Those new deficits would be added to our current debt load.

Any President, Democrat or Republican can come up with all sorts of ideas to spend money on, but it is the Congress that holds the purse strings. In the last eight years both Republican and Democrat controlled congresses were dumping our purse out on the table and letting President Bush take everything we had, along with our nation's credit card.

Now, Barack Obama wants to do the same, but Congress has no cash, and still they are willing to hand over that credit card.

Our nation is in a financial mess, and we are way in debt. President Obama and Congress have decided that we can borrow money and make the country wealthy again.

We just watched Congress double our debt in eight years, and now we are going to trust them to make us whole? That makes no sense to me.

Think about this. Seldom does a major corporation make a billion dollar investment, but when they do, they put their best people on the plan and spend months, maybe years putting the whole package together. Our Congress is about to spend close to a trillion dollars. That would be one thousand, billion dollar projects or one million, million dollar projects, and Congress is putting their plan together in a matter of weeks.

We know Congress has squandered all of our money and has ruined our country's financial system. Why on earth are we letting them spend our children and grandchildren's money, too?

I am calling my Senator and asking him to really think before voting on this new stimulus bill. The House already voted, with almost no forethought, so the Senate is our only hope for rational thought.

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