Too Much Money
by James Glaser
March 12, 2009

Several years ago I was in business with a friend, and we built cabins. One day he came up with the bright idea that we should spend the equivalent of a week's pay and buy a couple of gas powered nailers—one for framing and one for finish work. He explained that they would at the very least save us a lot of work, but might even make us money by speeding up construction.

Well, number one, my friend and business partner had obviously thought this purchase over. Number two, he had a record with me of sound thinking, and number three, a week's pay would not break us even if the nailers saved us nothing. As it turned out the nailers were great, and if they didn't save us money, they for sure saved us time, energy, and our elbows. We used them for years, and when we stopped building, we sold them for close to what we paid for them.

That was a story of a sound business idea for spending money. Remember, it was money we could afford to spend.

Today we have President Obama and the Democrat Party telling us they want to spend our money to get the economy going. This spending idea is different though. First off, we don't have any money. We have to borrow the money they want to spend. That really isn't that bad is it? I mean, businesses borrow to expand all the time.

What is bad, is that we have no idea if Barack Obama or any of the Democrats know what they are doing. He and they have no track record for us to trust in.

Another thing, Obama is not talking about spending a week's pay. He is talking about spending more money than any nation has spent in the history of the world. He tells us that all the economists agree with him, but we know that is not true, and when a person uses false statements to sell you on his idea, red flags should pop up in your mind.

Remember Barack Obama is about to spend more money that anyone has ever spent in history. It isn't his money and it isn't our money. It is our children's and their children's and their children's money, and we don't know how far in the future this debt will go.

Think about if you would trust anybody to risk your descendents' way of life with the spending of their money. That is a lot to think about.

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