Everybody Is Boring Some Times
by James Glaser
March 25, 2009

Yes, I stayed for President Obama's whole press conference. Usually, even if you don't agree with him, Barack Obama is filled with compassion and enthusiasm. Last night, the man was boring.

After a short opening statement where the President claimed that his policies were already working, and that he had already saved teacher jobs, and has created jobs for people making energy efficient windows at one plant, he took thirteen questions from reporters.

Right off the bat Obama said that almost 40% of Americans in trouble with their home loans would now be eligible to refinance. From there he went on to say that we will now have more car and student loans, and even if the economy gets worse, banks will be able to loan money. He didn't say why they would be able to, just that they would be able to.

Like every President before him in the last 50 years, President Obama said we will become less dependent on foreign oil. Again, he didn't elaborate. He did say that by the end of his first term, the deficit would be cut in half. However, later on he admitted that deficit spending to the tune of $7 trillion dollars would be on the books with his budget, and that the people saying that number would really be $9.5 trillion were wrong.

He also went on to say that all of this deficit spending in his new budget would lead to prosperity.

Of course, like every other American, President Obama is angry about the AIG bonuses. He went on telling America if he had had the power to take over any business that he felt was a threat to our economy, those bonuses would never have happened. He said he wants that authority.

Next, the President stated that we are in a extraordinary crisis, and he wants Americans to "work hard, and they should watch the debates going on in Washington." I believe he was talking about the debates on his budget.

Next, he said we have to invest in health care, clean energy, education, and drive down the deficit. I took that to be "spend and save." He said that before he talked about the need for a middle class tax cut. So really it would be "spend, cut taxes, and save."

Even though President Obama admitted that his budget will add $7 trillion to our deficit, he said he did not want to add debt for future generations to pay off.

When told that one in fifty children is homeless in America, President Obama said he was going to work on stopping veterans from being homeless. He said nothing about those "one in fifty" children except he would try and get their parents a job. He did say that he increased the Veterans Administration budget by the most of any president in 30 years. Right after that he talked about how deficit spending will grow our economy, and that he will cut wasteful spending.

When asked, President Obama said that race had not been a factor at all in his first 64 days. He did say that he wanted to stop the tax deduction for chartable giving. He said he doubted that loss of a tax deduction would hurt charities.

Middle East peace between Israel and Palestine requires a "two state" solution.

I don't know if the President was tired, or was just having a bad day, but he was boring and he avoided answering many of the questions. Then he said "Thank You," turned around and walked away.

Post Script:

If this column seems a bit boring... I just wrote it out the way I heard it. Don't blame me, blame the President.

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