How Much Do You Think It Costs?
by James Glaser
April 1, 2009

It is reported that we have over a hundred thousand troops in Europe, and they have been there for over 60 years now. On top of this number of troops, there are the families of those troops, too. How much does it cost to house the families, and how much for the schools and hospitals that take care of those families?

We have over thirty thousand troops in Japan, and they have been there for over sixty years, too. Thirty plus thousand in South Korea for over 55 years. Yes, we also house the troops' families in both of those countries.

How much does it cost? We will never know. Some wealthy well-connected Americans get rich off all those troops. Somebody has the contract to supply all the food, all the bedding, all the light bulbs, all the everything it takes to support the troops and their families. Hey, somebody owns the bars and whore houses that surround every American military base in foreign lands, too.

The people getting rich off our troops and off of those government contracts do not want the goose that is laying their golden egg to leave. So, what do they do? They lobby like any one else from the Military Industrial Complex. You have to know that any official from Washington, elected or appointed, gets their hearts desire when ever they visit our troops to see how they are doing. You might say, we pay and they play, and that is the truth.

How much does it cost? (You might want to think about this, because it's your money) Too much! Right now with our debt load, we are borrowing every penny we spend to keep the Empire's Foreign Outposts manned.

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