I Always Wonder
by James Glaser
April 7, 2009

"The basic bargain is sound: Countries with nuclear weapons will move toward disarmament, countries without nuclear weapons will not acquire them, and all countries can access peaceful nuclear energy." President Barack Obama in a speech yesterday in Prague.

I always wonder what other countries think when American Presidents talk about who can and can not have nuclear weapons. Then I always think about how we are the only country on the globe that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people with our use of nuclear weapons, and how we take that holier-than-thou attitude, and tell everybody else how they should act.

We should, and everybody else does, remember that we are still the only country to have dropped the "big one." Oh, and we have done it TWICE.

Now we have President Obama telling the world how things are going to be with nuclear weapons. I can almost hear leaders of other countries saying. "Who made him the moral authority?"

We have to know that every other country in the world is thinking, "There goes America again. They are going to tell us what to do and tell us to disarm, but they will never say anything about Israel's nuclear weapons." Every American President pretends that Israel has no nuclear weapons. The rest of the world knows the truth, but Washington continues to play that game and comes across as deceitful. Well, I guess that impression is not all that far off the mark.

During George Bush's time in office, in the eyes of the world, America became the bad guy. Barack Obama wants to take charge of the world, and start telling them what to do, but American Presidents no longer have that clout.

For Obama to have any credibility, he will first have to end the wars George Bush started. Remember, you do remember—don't you, we attacked both Iraq and Afghanistan. The world knows that Afghanistan was and is a very pitiful third world country. It is now eight years later, and more American troops are dying there this year than in any other year. In Iraq, over a million civilians have died and countless numbers maimed, while American casualties number close to 40,000 dead and wounded.

So, when Barack Obama climbs up on his high horse and starts telling the world what they should do, they smile at his face and politely applaud as dignitaries do. But you can't tell me that as he turns to leave the podium, they aren't smirking at him because America has lost its leadership role as the world's superpower.

You can't be the world's superpower, and fail to defeat two backward third world countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. Again, I hope you remember that when we attacked, Afghanistan had no army, no navy, no air force. They really were a nineteenth century military power. Iraq wasn't much better. They had an army, but they had been under a UN sanctioned weapons embargo for ten years before we attacked.

I guess we no longer have to wonder what the rest of the world thinks about us and our government in Washington. Today, in the eyes and the minds of the world, we are still the evil Empire, and Barack Hussein Obama is the new evil Emperor.

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