Whose Tea Party Is It Anyway?
by James Glaser
April 14, 2009

Most of the media would like you to think the Tea Parties that will take place all across America tomorrow, April 15th, are something put together by the Republican Party. Because of that thought, other than Fox News, there will be very little coverage of this event — little coverage, unless there is a huge turn out.

If it weren't for the internet, there would be no national protests like this Tea Party. I don't know who started this idea, but I know it has grown in size and scope. I have read reports that claim there will be over 1,500 demonstrations. Nothing like this could happen without grass root communication, and that is where the internet has come into play.

Major media outlets like CNN and the Wall Street Journal want us to believe these Tea Parties are made up of a bunch of Republicans complaining about taxes. The truth is that these Tea parties are citizens of the United States from every political belief who are fed up with what is going on in Washington and all around this country.

Some people are fed up with taxes, for others it is government spending that is getting them out on Wednesday. Others are still mad about bonuses paid out to executives, while others are up fed up with the bail outs Washington has given away to Wall Street and the Banks. Many have called that give-away, Generational Theft. For me, it is about how government has trampled on our Constitution, and what a lie it is every time an elected official swears to uphold and defend that document.

So, think about stepping out on April 15th and joining your fellow citizens who are upset with the way things are going in America. If a few thousand show up, nobody will even hear about it. If thousands come, it will make local news, but if a few hundred thousand show up to tell Washington politicians that they are hurting our country, well then, even CNN and the New York Times will have to cover it.

Who knows, if enough people show up, our elected officials might even take notice. They know that people who really care about this country vote, and voters are the only people who can scare politicians.

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