You Sir, Are A Racist!
by James Glaser
April 21, 2009

If you don't like President Obama's plan for health care, then you are a racist. If you don't like his plan for a troop surge in Afghanistan, then sir, you are a racist. His tax plan, ditto. The same goes for anything anyone says about anything our new President is doing or planning to do.

Everyone on the left side of the political spectrum has decided anyone who attended the Tea Parties last week either hated Obama, or they were an out and out racist. It is so easy. Those people on the left side of the aisle can say, "No we aren't going to talk about your issues, you people are just a bunch of racists"

The Democrats are however just taking a page right out of the Republican play book. Remember this one? "NO, we are not going to talk to you people who are against George Bush's wars, because you are un-American." How about this. "If you don't wear a flag pin on you lapel, you must not be patriotic."

It works both ways, and both parties get to stifle any debate in this country, and that is the way they want it, Republicans and Democrats both.

We knew George Bush and his crew worked that way, but about 69 million Americans, who voted for Barack Obama were under the illusion that he would really bring a change to Washington, and things might get back to a more civil tone. Some even thought we might start working together again as a nation, but maybe both parties working together, is just an historical myth.

Maybe in America it has always been "winner takes all." The only trouble is that now the Republican and Democrat Parties are so close in their way of governing. The truth is that with either Party in power, the rich get richer, and the working poor (the rest of America) stay on a slow downward spiral to poverty.

Now don't get me wrong, for I know there is a lot of racism in America. I also know there is racism on all sides. There are white people who hate black people, and there are black people who hate white people. My late wife was a native American, and I learned while living on the Reservation that there are a lot of American Indians who hate both black and white people.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of Democrats who are racists, just as there are Republicans, and independents that way. The election of Barack Obama didn't change any of that, it just brought it out to the forefront for a lot of people.

So, Democrats can continue to ignore the ideas and thoughts of people who lean to the right, just like the Republicans ignored those who leaned left when they were in power. That way of thinking can continue until our country is so divided that nothing will work. I think the last time we got to that point, was just before the Civil War.

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