It Will Take Patience
by James Glaser
May 4, 2009

Some people will tell you that we are watching the demise of the Republican Party. It is true, President Barack Obama and the Democrat Party control the House, Senate, and the White House, and that is a lot of power. Remember though, power corrupts.

Right now the Republicans are voting NO on much of what Democrats are trying to do, and if you think about it, that is what they should be doing.

Most Republicans think the ideas of Barack Obama and his agenda are all wrong for this country, and they think this agenda is going to make our fiscal problems worse and last longer. Well, if they really believe that, then they would be wrong to vote with the President just to show cooperation.

If the Republicans are right, in a few years the power the Democrats hold now will corrupt them, and they will start coming up with ideas the whole nation will be troubled with. Also, in a few years we will know if Obama's ideas about our economy are right or not.

If the Republicans are right and Obama is wrong, the nation will see that the Republican Party has not gone along and has stuck to what they believed in. If the Democrats are right, they will get all the credit, even if the Republicans voted along with them.

So, the Republican Party needs patience, and they need to stick to their ideals. Time will tell who was right. If everything turns around and gets better, the Republicans will be in no different shape than they are now. However, if the economy continues to tank, and unemployment numbers stay high, America will give the Republicans another chance.

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