Many On the Left Fear Firearms
by James Glaser
May 18, 2009

I think I know the reason the left fears American citizens buying guns. They think legal gun owners will start running amok shooting people. They think that because the left wing of America has been instilling that fear for decades. The Democrat Party, especially since the last election, has a fear of guns, and has passed that fear on to their members.

I don't know if statistics would prove me right, but my years in the VFW and American Legion tell me that way more people on the right side of the aisle became familiar with guns while serving in our armed forces than those on the left. It's not that I think the Republican Party is any better than the Democrats, I just believe that the members of the Republican Party are more familiar with the use of firearms, and that keeps that party on the ownership side of the gun issue

People who have never held a gun, and people who were raised in a home that had no guns, have an unfounded fear of the firearm.

Also, people who have fought in foreign wars know that a disarmed population has no say what ever in the government they have or what that government can do to them. The people in America who have started the recent surge in gun and ammunition buying since Barack Obama was elected are not from any one political party. They are people who are afraid that civil unrest is coming to America or that there is a plan afoot to stop gun and ammunition sales. Those firearm buyers want to the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones, and they feel a firearm gives them that ability.

On top of that fear of civil unrest, many in America are becoming more and more afraid of our government in Washington. Just in my lifetime we have lost so many freedoms—freedom to travel is a big one. Now you have to prove who you are to fly between American cities.

Freedom to feel safe in your own home is a big one, too. Google "Home invasions" and see what you think. When I was a kid, almost every parent was a veteran who was trained in the use of a firearm and probably had a few. Criminals thought hard before breaking into someone's "castle" if they were home. Today, that is a growing crime, because so many people live without the protection of a gun.

With more and more people forsaking gun ownership out of the belief that just having a gun is dangerous, the chance for a criminal to pick an unprotected home goes up. That lack of gun ownership makes us all a bit more unsafe.

I don't really know why the liberals in America want to quell gun ownership. I do know that we have a right and a need to own guns. The right is in our Constitution, and the need is shown to us every day in our newspapers and television.

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