by James Glaser
June 17, 2009

I had to go to the Social Security office in Tallahassee yesterday to get a new card. I lost mine years ago, but to get a VA home loan, you need a card. The office is in a compound of other government offices, and there are five buildings in the compound. Each building is lettered A through E. I had to go to building "B". For some strange reason I thought building "B" would be the second building, kind of like ABCDE. Well, I was wrong. The buildings were in an ACBDE order. No, I don't know why, and the people who work there didn't know either, but the guard in the SS office said, "It's the government." Like that would answer that question.

Every day I see something new that our government is doing. The President is proposing a stronger Federal Reserve. He wants to merge bank agencies, and open a Olympics office in the White House. No, I don't know why. It must be one of those ACBDE things.

The President also wants to create a new Consumer Financial Agency, with the power to punish. No, I don't know if they will be punishing consumers. In that same vain, the President is calling for a Financial Product Watchdog, and he wants supervision of Global Financial Firms.

Kind of in this same thought, President Obama seeks to "give government new powers to seize key companies."

Every day there is something new that President Obama wants to do. Usually there is no cost estimate attached to his new idea, however, we are told his health care overhaul will cost 1.6 trillion dollars. I think that is one thousand six hundred billion dollars, or one million six hundred thousand million dollars. Of course with any government that doesn't even understand the order of the letters in the alphabet, those numbers might be off a bit.

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