I Just Don't Care
by James Glaser
June 22, 2009

I don't care about Iran's election. I don't care about Iranian people out in the street protesting. I don't care who wins their election. I don't care if it was an honest election, because I'll never be able to trust the people telling me if it was honest or not. That would be our media doing the telling.

In our election in 2000, much of the world must have thought our election process was corrupt. Tens of thousands of Americans were disenfranchised from the voting process—some because they were poor, some because they were black, and others because they were incorrectly accused of being convicted felons. On top of that, Al Gore won the popular vote by a margin of over 500,000 votes.

Foreign countries didn't try to subvert our election process by telling us who they thought won. No, they waited until our process played itself out and George Bush was sworn into office. From then on, they dealt with the Bush administration.

Iran had their election. Their people are working out their election process the way they want to. When everything is over, and peace is restored in that country, a national government will emerge. That is the government we will deal with. Until then, we should keep our distance and our thoughts to ourselves.

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