And Those Seven American Soldiers Died Defending What?
by James Glaser
July 7, 2009

KABUL (AP)—Bombs and bullets killed seven American troops on Monday, the deadliest day for U.S. forces in Afghanistan in nearly a year—and a sign that the war being fought in the Taliban heartland of the south and east could now be expanding north.

We hear it all the time how politicians in Washington are thanking our troops for protecting our freedom and way of life here in the United States. Every time I hear that I get upset. I have to ask, just who are our troops protecting us from?

Certainly those politicians cannot be thinking that our troops are protecting us from the Taliban in Afghanistan. I would bet you that very few Afghans could even tell you where America was on a globe before we attacked them. In fact, Afghanistan had no army, no navy, and for sure no air force when we attacked that country in 2001. There is much in the belief that Afghanistan, when we attacked it, was about the most pitiful country in the world.

Yes, that's right. We have been fighting in Afghanistan for eight years now, and we are losing. That is why President Barack Hussein Obama decided to have his own military surge and send an additional 21,000 Marines over there.

Obama's military surge, much like George Bush's military surge in Iraq will increase the number on American troops killed and maimed. This new surge will also raise the cost of the war, which I believe is the whole reason we are fighting over there.

We are fighting in Afghanistan, for the same reason we are fighting in Iraq. To drop bombs, shoot bullets, use up equipment, so that the Military Industrial Complex can continue to make their profits. A consequence of using all that military equipment is the death and wounding of our Soldiers and Marines.

So, in my way of thinking, those seven American troops gave their lives not in defense of America, but for the "bottom line" of the many American corporations who are the Merchants of Death in the 21st Century.

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