We Can't leave Iraq, They Don't Have An Air Force
by James Glaser
July 30, 2009

There it is folks, the new reason we have to keep our troops in Iraq longer than Barack Obama said he wanted them there. Iraq has no air force, so we have to stay there to protect them until we can build one for them.

Why do they need an air force? Well, to protect them from all the countries in the Middle East that we have already built an air force for.

Elisbeth Bumiller, writing for the New York Times:

BAGHDAD — The Iraqis will be unable to handle their own air defenses after all American troops withdraw from the country by the end of 2011, the top commander of American forces in Iraq said Tuesday.

Iraq wants us to give them a bunch of F-16 fighter jets.

Iraqis have already asked the United States for new F-16 fighter jets, but General Odierno said it would be impossible to build and deliver them by the end of 2011, even if the Iraqis were able to afford them.

Iraq wants an air force. Barack Obama and the military industrial complex want to have an excuse to keep more troops for a longer period of time in Iraq, and thus spend more money.

Some might still argue that our attacking Iraq was justified, but those people are a tiny minority. Most people believe this war to be wrong and really a crime. Since the Iraq war started in March of 2003:

  • 4,330 American troops have died,
  • over 31,000 have been wounded,
  • the VA has a back log of over 400,00 disability claims,
  • hundreds of thousands have already been adjudicated,
  • we now spend over $44 billion on Veterans compensation every year, and
  • most reports put the number of innocent Iraqi civilians killed and wounded in the millions, with millions more displaced from their homes. (Remember, those are the people we came to liberate.)

Still, President Barack Obama, Congress, and the Pentagon search for reasons to continue on with this horrible war. Remember, the longer this war goes on, the more money there is to be made for many American corporations, and political contributions are ready for politicians in both political parties.

So, this time the war will be extended, and the troops will stay longer in Iraq, because Iraq has no air force. Just to hurry things along, maybe we should ship them a new navy along with those new F-16s and get rid of that next excuse for keeping the troops in harm's way.

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