We Have No Trust
by James Glaser
August 5, 2009

It is getting to the point that Americans no longer trust their fellow citizens. The people on the Right think anyone agreeing with President Obama is a socialist. The people on the Left think that anyone who disagrees with President Obama is a nut case. Independents think both sides are crazy.

Today, Democratic Congressmen and women were telling America that the people coming to Town Hall Meetings who are disagreeing with the President's idea of health care were sent there by the Republican Party.

That means Americans are no longer allowed the right to free speech as far as the Democrat Party is concerned.

On the other side, the Republicans are shouting to any who will hear that they don't want a government official between them and their doctor. Nobody in the Republican Party seems to have any sort of problem with an official from a HMO between them and their doctor though.

Conservatives know Liberals are wrong, and Liberals know Conservatives are wrong, and it doesn't matter what the issue is. So, with no trust on either side, things will tend to stay they way they are. New ideas will remain just that—ideas. The old way of doing things will remain... the way we do things.

We will continue to kill people all around the globe, we will continue to pile up more debt, and we will continue to mistrust each other. Then some day, we will be forced to start over, maybe, with two Americas.

Post Script:

We are moved into our new home. That does not mean every thing is in its place or even out of its box, but our official address has changed. It is a good move.

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