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Wonderful Day
by James Glaser
August 21, 2009

The last few months I have been complaining about the weather down here. Today was different. I don't know why nor do I care why, but at three in the afternoon it was 74 degrees, and I had just had the best day at work in the past three months.

All summer long, I have seen people from the South, who appear to be working hard, and they don't look like they even notice the heat. I'm drenched all the time, and the sweat rolls down my face onto the wood I am working on. It seems to be the same for other transplants from the North, too.

Today though, it was different. I noticed it right away as I opened up the big roll-up door to my studio that it seemed kind of cool inside. Usually it is like an oven in there. Well, I started working, and everything went right. No bad cuts, no getting tired out in no time, and no perspiration. Things just kept going really well, and the time flew by. A friend stopped by to talk, and any other day I would have been happy to stop work, grab a cold bottle of water, and sit and talk. Today, I didn't want to stop and was happy to tell the guy why, and he for sure understood. Some days you just get in that work zone, and everything turns out right.

In truth, that is how most days are down here in the winter. In the South, at least in North Florida where I am, winter starts sometime in September, and lasts into May. That means you get about eight months that are a pleasure to work in. In August, after three months of heat, it is awfully nice to get a good day so you can remember what you like about working down here.

So, I had a really wonderful day, I used it wisely, got a lot done, and am looking forward to when every day is like today was.

Home Front

Wanda and I are settling in to our new home. Every night we put some time in on the yard, and I can see that it is looking better already. We had some heavy rains this week, and we can see that the driveway needs some gravel.

This weekend I'll be staking out where my studio will be going and will be looking for somebody to give me a bid on the foundation. It would be nice to have everything ready for building when the weather cools down.

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