Not 9/11 Again
by James Glaser
September 10, 2009

Tomorrow, we will have another memorial day of the 9/11 attack on America. Yes, I do feel sorry for all the people who lost a loved one on that day, but enough already. Haven't we watched those films enough? Haven't we had enough revenge?

Most of the world believes we have now killed about 300 to 400 innocent people for every innocent American killed on 9/11. In truth, that number might be low. How many do we have to kill to even the score? Do the loved ones of the people we killed suffer any less, than the Americans who lost loved ones?

You have to know that we have killed more innocent little children in our revenge attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq, than all the people killed on 9/11. Killing all those children will not bring back our dead, nor does it bring honor to their memory.

Our politicians always want to spout off about our country being a Christian country, but what about God's fifth commandment? "Thou shalt not kill." Yes, I know we now have new "Christian" Bibles that allow us to kill by changing that commandment to, "Thou shalt not murder." And I guess our politicians can rationalize that killing infants, babies, and children is somehow not murder, but the truth is, our country was founded on the Bible that said we were not to kill.

Really, we should know by now, that Washington thinks they know way better than Christ, what is the right thing to do.

So, tomorrow we will all watch as they show us over and over again how those planes flew into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Some place they will read all the names of the dead, but only the dead Americans from 9/11. Not the 5,000 names of the American troops who died revenging those deaths, nor the million plus innocent Iraqis and Afghanis who have died since.

I don't think I'll watch.

Post Script:

I'm up in Minnesota, visiting my mother, my children, and my sisters. The weather is great, the City of Saint Paul is filled with old memories, and I am having a good time.

After driving the 1,379 miles up here, I can tell you America needs a lot of infrastructure work. Most roads need repair, some a lot. Some bridges are down right scary, and I saw an awful lot of closed businesses. Maybe we should stop the killing we are doing in foreign lands and put our troops to work here at home. Trading guns for shovels would be a good idea.

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