Have You Heard Any Debate?
by James Glaser
October 8, 2009

I'm not talking about the Health Care Bill or the new Patriot Act, or even a new stimulus bill. No, I am talking about debate on the $636 billion Defense Bill the Senate just passed with a 93 to 7 vote. I guess there are not many anti-war Democrats left in Congress, as the passed $128.2 billion to keep Barack Obama's wars going in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here is a line from the story written on Antiwar.com that shows just how careful the Senate is with our money when it comes to funding the military industrial complex.

Two of the Senators voting against the bill, Sens. McCain and Feingold, objected to the $2.5 billion in continued funding for C-17 military aircraft. The Pentagon has said it doesn't want the aircraft, and the Obama Administration has sought to cancel the funding for them.

The military doesn't even want the C-17 weapons system, but what the heck, we are borrowing all the money we are spending... so what is another couple of billion?

A bill like this makes me wonder what other money Congress is spending while the country is focused on the economy and health care.

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