They Are Still Dying
by James Glaser
October 12, 2009

If you watched the Sunday morning news shows or read Sunday's paper you probably wouldn't have heard or read about the eighteen American troops who lost their lives during this past week in Barack Obama's continuation of George Bush's War on Terror. What you would have heard and read about was Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, the state of the economy, or something about national health.

Now that George Bush is gone, stories about the war seem to be limited to the inside pages of the paper, and on television they are about Obama trying to decide if he should send tens of thousands of new troops to Afghanistan.

Every Sunday gives a list of the stories in local papers about the American troops killed in the last week. Here is this week's list.

Minnesota Soldier's Mysterious Death in Basra Under Investigation
Bellevue (WA) Family Mourns Loss of Newlywed Soldier
Mother Speaks of Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Days Before Coming Home (KS)
Florida Army Ranger Killed on Fifth Deployment
Michigan Soldier Killed on Second Tour in Iraq
Airman (TX) Supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom Dies at Kuwait Air Base
Loudoun (VA) Family Mourns for 'The Life of the Party'
Columbus (OH) Neighborhood Stunned as Local Soldier Killed by Afghan Bomb
Soldier (NM) Dies From Wounds Suffered in September Ambush in Afghanistan
US Soldier, Clean Water Activist Killed While Serving in Afghanistan (MA)
Phoenix (AZ) Police Officer Dies Disabling Bomb in Afghanistan
Parents Remember Memphis (TN) Soldier Killed in Afghan Firefight
Frederick (MD) Marine Dies in Combat in Afghanistan
Dreams Die With Bomb in Afghanistan (FL)
Kentucky Soldier Killed by IED in Kandahar
Family Remembers Soldier (PA) Found Dead in Iraq
Airman (WA) Supporting Operation Enduring Freedom Dies in Cyprus
Rhinelander (WI) Guardsman Killed in Afghanistan

Please notice that troops were killed in Basra, Cyprus and Kuwait. Last week we had troops killed in the Philippines. Also, see that one Army Ranger was killed while on his "Fifth Deployment.". Do you think there are any troops on their sixth or seventh tour? If not, there soon will be some.

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