Did They?
by James Glaser
October 27, 2009

A total of 16 Americans died this past weekend in Afghanistan. President Obama said, "Today, they gave their lives to protect ours."

Did They? According to the New York Times, most of those killed were after drug dealers. "The crash followed a gun battle with insurgents that broke out when the Americans and Afghans raided a compound believed to harbor drug traffickers." Three of the Americans killed were Drug Enforcement Agents.

We are in our 9th year of combat in Afghanistan. After over eight years of fighting, Afghanistan still grows 90% of the world's opium and manufactures 90% of the world's heroin. Afghanistan still runs that part of the world's drug trade.

So, you want to tell me that those Soldiers and Drug Agents died protecting me? I don't buy that. Those Soldiers and Drug Agents died protecting the United States Military Industrial Complex's profits. Every time a Soldier dies, the Military Complex makes more money replacing his equipment. Every time a chopper goes down, they make big money replacing it. Every bullet fired, every bomb dropped, every tank that needs repair, every thing that wears out in the combat zone means more money for the companies who supply our wars.

For over eight years the most powerful nation on earth has been fighting the most pitiful nation on earth. You can say our troops are fighting to protect us, but after eight years, I say they are not fighting to protect you or me, but to make some rich Americans richer.

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