Go Ahead, Say I'm, Crazy
by James Glaser
October 28, 2009

A few days ago I heard some people on NPR talking about Glen Beck and his program. One of them said that he had never watched the program, but he had heard enough about it to form his opinion. His opinion was totally negative. He never watched it, but trusted our media and their reporting about Beck's program.

Tonight, when I got home from the studio, Beck's show was just starting, so I decided to watch the whole thing and see what I thought.

First off, Glen Beck has a great sense of humor, and the whole program was very entertaining. On top of that, it was also very informative, very well laid out, and very well researched.

I have never watched a show like Beck's. The man was trying to prove that Barack Obama and his administration lean so far to the left that they are either socialists or Marxists. I can't quote what he said or cite the video and sound bites he used, but I can say the man was convincing.

Beck played clips, both video and audio of President Obama talking about how Marxists and Communists influenced him, and how he thinks our Constitution is wrong, and how he wants to redistribute wealth in this country. Some of these clips were old, and some were from this year.

He then went on to give the same kind of proof about many of the people President Obama appoints to his White House staff and to other areas of our Government.

You can think I am crazy, but I think Glen Beck made a convincing case. If you haven't watched his program, then don't label me as a nut case. Take the time to inform yourself, because there is one thing I am positive of, and that is that the main stream media is doing nothing to inform us of what is happening to this country.

Post Script:

Another 8 Americans died in Afghanistan yesterday protecting the profits of the major defense contractors of this nation. My heart goes out to their loved ones. I wish I could say they died protecting America, but I can't.

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