Obama, The War President
by James Glaser
December 2, 2009

Last night President Barack Obama took complete ownership of George Bush's wars. He told the American people that he thought long and hard about what is the best thing to do, and he came up with escalating our combat forces in Afghanistan.

I listened to Obama's whole speech, and here are a couple of quotes I wrote down.

"All our troops will be out of Iraq by 2011."

"After 18 months troops will begin to come home."

The first quote was about Iraq, while the second was about Afghanistan. What President Obama has done is tell the Taliban in Afghanistan and any insurgents in Iraq to hunker down for 18 months. Then they can take on what ever government we leave there. In 18 months, President Obama believes, we will be able to train the Afghan army well enough so they can protect the corrupt government we have installed there. We are in our ninth year of training the Afghan army, and it isn't ready to stand up yet, but President Obama believes another 18 months will do the trick.

It's blatantly clear that Barack Obama's plan for his wars are based on the date of his reelection campaign. According to his time line, President Obama will have brought home most of the troops by the time the American voters are going to the polls. I think that explains his war strategy in a nut shell.

What a waste of our blood and treasure it is to insure a second term.

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