Why Even Have A Vote?
by James Glaser
December 22, 2009

I'm talking about that health care vote in the other night. First off, I don't know about you, but at 1AM in the morning, I not making the best decisions, and yet that is when the Senate held the vote for the health care bill. Secondly, nobody even really knew what they were voting on as over 400 pages of the 2,074 page bill were brand new. And third, nobody, and I mean nobody said they liked the bill!

So, like the Patriot Act and that TARP bill last fall, the Senate voted blind on something that will affect every American. Why even have a vote if nobody knows what they are voting on? Let's have a dictatorship. It would be about the same result, but cost a lot less money.

Americans have to realize the fact that corporations own our elected officials... and that is in both political parties, and what took place last night was not the heroism of hard-working, sacrificial politicians, acting out the democratic process, it was a catastrophic payoff for the millions of dollars given to Senators, above and below the table.

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