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So Much To Do
by James Glaser
September 3, 2010
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It's September! I have so much to do that sometimes it seems overwhelming. That is why I have to break everything down into little parts. I make lists of things to do. Some lists are for tomorrow, and some are for this month, but others don't have a time table set to them. Those might be called my life long list.

Some of those life long things are done. I'm not going to raise any more children. I have lived in the desert, and I have lived in the cold of Minnesota. I've made hand cut dovetails, and I have had a lot of art shows. I became a Marine, and I saw the Northern Lights. My undated to do list is now filled with things I have really thought a long time about.

I have always wanted to build my own park. It is on my list, and I now have the land to build it on. It's not going to be big, but then it is a private park. I have the walking trail all laid out, the land is fenced, and there are many large water oak and live oak trees. I have tried to save all the pines, and some sections are filled with blackberry bushes. It will be kind of a build as you go park. Maybe a better way to put it is, a build as you can afford it park. I want lights along the trails for walking at night, and a fountain of some sort would be nice. I have the start of a tree house with an elevated walkway to an observation platform. If you are making lists for life long projects, you should make them interesting and fun. That way you will have a better chance of completing them.

Wanda and I put an addition on the house. It was going to be Wanda's office, but things change and the addition is now a living room. We are changing one of our spare bedrooms into our office, and Wanda's old office will become a guest bedroom.

I have my new studio finished, and all I need to do is arrange the tools, varnish the art gallery, paint the floor, and move in the art work. Also, I have to start making things. (That is on the list)

Then there is the porch. When we drive around, we admire nice big porches on country homes, and I want to build one on our house. So a porch is now on the no time period list, along with a pistol shooting range.

Then there is the garden. We have a great start, but we need to expand it, add more blueberry plants, put in a new well with a hand pump, build the horse shoe pits, get the new culvert installed for the new driveway, and then there is the hall bathroom redo, and just a little landscaping where we put the addition on.

It is a good thing we are in Florida, because we can work on projects year round, and we will need to if we want to finish before we are too old to enjoy everything. Of course, that is what is so nice about having no time line on your list. You can actually enjoy life as you are working on your projects.

So, yes, we have much to do, but the thought of that is not exhausting. In fact, it is exhilarating. I only hope you have a few lists to work on, too.

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