Repeal or Resign
by James Glaser
January 5, 2010
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Now I know it will make no difference if the Republicans in the House repeal President Obama's Health Care Bill, but that isn't the point. Not only did millions of Americans vote for Republicans because of that issue, the repeal of that health bill is what the Republicans ran on.

So, right or wrong, the House Republicans should vote on repealing that health care bill. Like I said, you and I know that vote will mean nothing, as the Senate is still controlled by the Democrats, and President Obama is still in the White House.

I just believe if the Republican Party wants to have the American voters trust them, they have to vote to repeal that bill. If they blow this off, they should just go ahead and resign.

They should resign, because two years from now they will not have a chance of lying their way back into office.

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