Go Home!
by James Glaser
January 12, 2011
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Last week somebody tried to kill a federal politician, and Washington has shut down. No body is working there, the House of Representatives has cancelled all the votes they were going to take this week, and I believe the Senate is still on Christmas vacation. Really, I think they are. The President is heading out to Arizona to make a speech for the memorial service for the six innocent bystanders killed in the attack.

We have this huge government in Washington that runs the most powerful nation on earth, and that government can decide, "Let's take some time off," and they walk away.

Nothing changes, because both Houses of Congress wait until the last moment to get anything done anyway. The rest of the year is just used to score political points with the folks back home.

So, how about this—everyone in Washington just leaves. They all go home until December. Then they can come back and pass what ever bills they think we need, and we know they will finish up before Christmas, because then their vacation starts, and they can all go home again for another year.

Here is the real bonus. We don't have to listen to their banter back and forth all year long. Wouldn't that be nice? Yep, it's time for them to go home.

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