Obama's View
by James Glaser
January 26, 2011
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Last night was President Obama's State of the Union speech. President Obama, like almost every past President before him, said our country is strong, and after listening to his words, he must believe that it is.

There was nothing specific in the speech, but we are going to spend more money and rebuild our infrastructure, which will give good paying jobs to thousands, who will be paid with borrowed money.

I guess the lines that really jumped out at me were when the President talked about our foreign policy. He started with, "We are shaping the world for peace." He followed that with this about his war in Afghanistan. "We will defeat the Taliban." He finished up with a call to "open all colleges to military recruiters."

After this speech, I now feel the State of our Union is the same as it was before the speech. We are going to continue to spend, and we are going to continue to wage war. If you think about it, that is a pretty sad state to be in.

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