World Events Cover Up a Lot of Things
by James Glaser
February 7, 2011
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The media has us focused on Egypt, and about the time you think they might start discussing something domestic, it turns out to be football and the Super Bowl. They know, and the corporations who own them know what they are doing. They are keeping America thinking about the other side of the world, or what a bunch of millionaire athletes are doing. Either way, we don't have to think about the things that affect us.

In Washington they are about to extend the Patriot Act. No, the are not going to debate it; they claim they don't have the time. They didn't have the time to read the Patriot Act Bill before they passed it in the first place, and now they don't have the time to review it before they vote on it again, but then, who cares? We have better things to worry about, like will the winter storm hurt the Super Bowl attendance, or will the dictator we put in charge of Egypt have to step down?

This month only 36,000 new jobs were created, but the unemployment rate dropped almost a whole point. How could that happen? We don't know because the media has all its reporters in Egypt.

Many believe we have over 20 million Americans out of work, and last year one million American households lost their house to foreclosure. This year they say 1.2 million more will lose theirs.

Washington is supposed to be working on these problems, but we don't know what they are doing because nobody is covering those stories. That makes the White House and Congress happy. They want us focused on sports and the troubles other countries are having. They don't want us to be thinking of our own troubles because that's bad for ratings and the chance to get reelected.

If they can get a few more weeks out of Egypt, then maybe some other hot spot will flare up, and they can switch our focus there. Anything to keep us from seeing what our own government is doing.

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