Change Is Going To Be Hard For Many
by James Glaser
February 10, 2011
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Here in Florida, the state is $3.5 billion in debt, and many other states are in the same fix. Some how, something will have to be done to make up for this shortfall. There are only so many ways to cut spending before you start cutting people.

Tens of thousands of government workers will lose their jobs. With millions and millions of Americans out of work, billions of dollars less are collected in taxes. Who knows how many businesses have closed, but what ever that number is, it means even less money government has to spend.

So, there are going to be changes at every level of government. The federal government is $14 trillion dollars in debt right now, and with another $1.5 trillion more in deficit spending this year, we have reached the point that things will have to change, and right now.

There are going to be changes, and government will no longer be able to do what it has been doing, and services will be slower as personnel are let go. Those people let go are going to fight these cuts, telling Americas we can't get along without them, but most Americans now know that government jobs are the cream of the crop, and we as a nation can not afford the number of employees we have had up to now.

Change is about to come for all of us, and it will be hard for the workers let go, and it will be hard for the people who stay on doing the same job with less help. It may also be hard for all the rest of us, as government will only be less responsive.

However, no matter how mad government employees get about being cut or how hard it is on people needing government help, this change is going to come.

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