The Democrats and the Unions Don't Want You To Know This:
The Republicans Won The Last Election In Wisconsin

by James Glaser
March 3, 2011
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It is true, the Republicans had a resounding victory in Wisconsin in the election last fall.

They defeated three-term Senator Russ Feingold, took over the governorship, picked up two more federal House seats, giving them five of the eight Wisconsin has.

Republicans won Attorney General and Treasurer offices. They took control of the State Senate from the Democrats, and did the same in the State Assembly (House).

About the only state-wide office the Democrats held on to was the Secretary of State.

Now the Unions and Democrats are going crazy because the governor and the newly elected House and Senate want to change things to their way of thinking. That is why we have elections, and in a very convincing manner the citizens of Wisconsin voted to change the direction their state government was taking. That vote gave the Republicans a shot at governing the way they think is best.

Because the Democrats lost, the Unions lost, too and they are doing everything they can think of to stop change from coming to Wisconsin. They would have all of us believe what the Republicans want to do is illegal, but it isn't. It is just different from the way the Unions and the Democrats have been doing things in Wisconsin for a long, long time.

I say, give the Republicans their due. They won, fair and square by the vote of the people.... So, their way isn't wrong, it's just different. Let's see if their way works. They deserve it, and the voters of Wisconsin deserve that chance, too.

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